What I learned from playing poker online

During a period of enforced absence last year, I distracted myself at times by playing virtual poker with people online – not for real money, I hasten to add.

Looking back on that experience a few things struck me. If they appear obvious to you, I apologise in advance.

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What I’m reading

Books I’m currently reading or re-reading, books I recommend and those on my backlog in Kindle.  I’m always on the lookout for new books, and welcome recommendations.  I recently found a potential goldmine on Patrick Collison’s site – hundreds of books with no categorisation, which makes it challenging, but interesting to explore.

Currently Reading/Re-reading

  • Strong Recommendations (YMMV)

Waiting to read (Kindle or print to-read list)

  • Administrative Behavior – Herbert A Simon
  • Everything – ok, not quite everything, but there’s a lot out there 🙂
Recently finished

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