Steps to becoming an exemplary human

Beach footsteps

I took a long walk today by the seafront in Malahide, a charming coastal town in Dublin. The sun was shining, and there was a cold easterly wind. I wasn’t in top mental form – I’ve been in a good deal of pain following a recent surgery, and frankly, I was feeling grumpy. I thought the walk would do me good, and I had a podcast for company – Jocko Podcast 174. If you’re interested in leadership principles, I would strongly recommend a listen.

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Pattern matching and the lost evolutionary high ground

The human brain loves patterns. We identify patterns everywhere, even where they don’t exist. In the past, this has been of evolutionary benefit. Being able to recognise poisonous tree frogs or tigers or gaps in a forest floor, or tribe members who look like us have all been helpful to our survival. The brain is an expensive engine to run, and any heuristic that helps us be more efficient saves us energy.

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