A debt owed to my father

(An edited version of this piece appears in “Salmon of the River Lee”, a recently published ode to the river by Dan O’ Donovan. It’s a lovely book, with countless hours of research between the covers, and is available online

from www.anglebooks.com and www.rareandrecent.com.)

I’m a fair to middling (some might say mediocre) salmon angler.  I tie my own flies to a reasonable standard, and can cast a decent line with a single-handed rod, or a fairly poor one with the double-hander.   My father, Ger Mulcahy, known to friends and acquaintances in Cork as Gerald, was (I have been told) by contrast, an excellent fly-fisher of salmon.  My first salmon on the fly on the River Lee in Cork was on a stretch of water he knew well and fished often, and I felt he was there on the Graveyard stretch that day.

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An interesting year for salmon fishing

I have been fishing for salmon (and trout, and any other species I can fish for legitimately) for most of my life.  I’m not particularly good at it, but most years I get a few salmon on the fly.  For the past 15 years or so, I’ve returned all of them. Continue reading “An interesting year for salmon fishing”

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