Beating the regret cycle

no regretWe are creatures built for regret. We procrastinate, avoid and sometimes fail to begin at all things that we know, deep down, we should do. There is a class of regret that comes from unwise actions or poorly chosen words, but this is not the worst. It’s the things we don’t do that cause the most guilt and regret. So how do we avoid the regret of things undone? Start. Something. Somewhere. Start now.

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The importance of context – or a Why for a why

Context is vital. It provides a grounding for our conversations, focus and actions, both personal and professional. In the same way that punctuation can completely change the essence of a sentence (“Let’s eat, Grandma.” being very different from its non-punctuated alternative), so context can completely change the meaning of what we’re doing. From a work point of view, context helps people understand the why of what we do.

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