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In 2017, I passed the AWS Certified Developer Associate, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exams.

I had a conversation recently with someone that reminded me of the need to apply theoretical knowledge to make it stick.  That conversation prompted me to set up this site using some of the AWS services I studied for my certification exams.

At the moment the site uses EC2, S3, RDS, Route 53, CloudFront,  Cloudwatch, Polly and WordPress.org installation (I know it would be easier to just host the whole thing with a WP provider, but that would really defeat the whole purpose).  I’m planning to expand the use of services as the site develops further.

1st Sept. – Due to instability overnight this week, I’ve upgraded the instance type from t2.nano and built a new t2.small instance using an image copy.  I’ll watch to see what happens with overnight stability (Cloudwatch really makes it easy). Update – stability issues haven’t resurfaced.

10th Sept. – Added Polly for WordPress plugin, after a battle with S3 permissions – in the end I had to recreate the policy – I was getting access denied when I reviewed the WordPress debug.log.

13th Sept. – Added a CloudFront distribution to help with image loading times.

14th Oct. – Converted to reserved RDS instance.

24th Nov. – Added reserved EC2 instance.


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